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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Taylor County
Map of Wisconsin highlighting Taylor County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Training that is fun for both you and your dog – Gentle Touch Dog Training

Call 715-748-4248 or email and here’s my other website:

Google maps has my location in northern Wisconsin,  W6821 Wester Ave., Medford.

I am available for private training year-round, at your home or other location, cost : $55/hour, $30/half, Pre-pay for 10 private hour long lessons get a reduced fee of $399.

Group classes – minimum of 3 participants – $155/six sessions,  group classes are outside  in the warm season and minimum of 5 participants inside at Taylor County Humane Society, Medford (or other location) during the cold.

I would really like to show people how to play with more agility and scent work, or trick training or retrieves and have some open training sessions for drop in fun. And I like it when people do more than one class. So I’ll be offering these options at a discounted rate.

I  am an evaluator for AKC Canine Good Citizen, Star Puppy evaluator and Community Canine. Good programs and goals for your pup/dog.

Need help finding/picking the right dog/puppy for you … I’ve been evaluating dogs for years and lately have had more requests for this service.

Have problems and the solutions you’ve been applying don’t seem to be resolving them? Barking, biting/aggression, chewing, not coming when called, inattentive… and not really the dog you envisioned. Don’t give up, lets fix the relationship.

If you have questions or want to join in the fun and games of training your dog, contact me.

Share with your dog owning friends.  Please Like and Comment to give me feedback. Thanks.



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