Dog, Dog, Dog…Where are we going?

Complacency has its charms.  Waiting, For dog years and weight gain. To create a desired easy-going dog, Can kinda work. Sometimes.   I can’t just wait for a surprise destiny. Challenges. Should I or should I not face. To create the fulfilled potential of a dog partnership. Consistently building. Always.   Where are we, dog and me, going? Planning….

Morning Walk

Morning Walk Sunlight oozes out, One delicate day begun, Us, shadows copy


Building blocks of friendship Walks in the field and woods, The afternoon breeze brings woodsy smells, Life is good.

Come here – dog don’t leave

Come to you? Why would I? The smells waft up from the grass beckoning, The furred creatures run and chatter fast, but not faster than me. My sometimes pleasant partner complains, drags slowly, makes angry noises and threatens me. I see a glimpse of my quarry in the distance, I can catch it, I can…

Why would I foster a shelter dog?

Why would I foster a shelter dog? It’s a hassle, it disrupts the household, it takes time and they’re usually unruly. I’m giving away my expertise for free. They need it. They bark, they chew, they make messes, they come from checkered pasts. They expect bad behavior from people and worry. They’re fearful or overly…

Max the April snow dog

Snowy April morning, blue skies, new, clean snow, burnished fur, Ready for the morning walk, running games, silliness, Ready for the new scents, cat tracks, anything ….. I guess, Twelve years old, no longer young, time passed, sentimental blur. But ready, always ready to enjoy the day.

Pleasure is a green ball

Pleasure is a green ball that used to have a bell inside, but now it doesn’t. Pleasure is a warm blanket that used to be up on the chair, but now it isn’t. Pleasure is rolling around in the dappled sunlight On top of the ball, on top of the carpet, on top of the…

And So We Ran – a dog’s life

And so we ran till the tracks filled the bases of the pines in the snow gloom. I was wet with flakes and filled with the smells of hidden rabbits and squirrel terror…a dog’s life exciting and beautiful.