Puppy progress (Siggy)

Siggy has reached, 6 months,  50#s, has grown up teeth, has had a tussle with Reggie (Jack Russell) and been told off by Jazzie (heeler) and Max (shepherd). Getting to be a big boy. His jumping ability is prodigious, his speed is considerable. He’s visited the horses several times and shows reasonable care about it,…

Dog Emotions

Emotion drives learning, it drives action, change, and behaviors. There are some emotions that are the same behavior from the canine … these are core emotions. Anger or Rage = snarls, bites, escape physical restraint. The lower level of this is frustration, which is sparked by mental restraint. Fear = freeze or run away, when survival…

Easy Dog training is not so easy

Easy and quick dog training is an oxymoron. Quick knowledge, fast solution and nobody needs to learn anything, but the dog. Try it, what harm can it cause? Who cares about research?  Neighbor said it or multiple studies confirmed it… who wins? Well of course, the neighbor/cousin/friend does, in their random ‘expert’ mode. Science … what science?…

Morning Walk

Morning Walk Sunlight oozes out, One delicate day begun, Us, shadows copy

Jack Russell Levitation

A shocking state of affairs resulting in Jack Russell levitation. “What goes on here!”

Finding play or something to do – in house, effective

I’ve noticed many people think they have to  rough house, or go outside and hike in the wilderness, or go to a dog park, or teach their dog to retrieve something or buy a new toy to really play with their dog. And most of the time that is too hard because the person needs…


Building blocks of friendship Walks in the field and woods, The afternoon breeze brings woodsy smells, Life is good.