Doing the Critical Core Games from S. Garrett

Several days ago the free part of S. Garrett’s Recallers opened up. Free – Critical Core – Games

So, of course, I’m doing them with all my dogs and any extra dogs/people I can find. This means a minimum of 12 games per day (3 per dog). I’m starting on Game 3 today. This training option is time limited, so if you’ve always wanted to see what a world famous trainer teaches – here’s your chance.

(for whatever reason I couldn’t get this to just link here)

And the link is posted several times on Gentle Touch Dog Training facebook page. Use it, do them and thrill your dog.


Luv the games - woof!
Luv the games – woof! Sign in and start playin’      Photo of Obie, by Jeanine Renzoni

You will be glad you signed up, it’s well worth your time. Seriously!


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