What’s it all about

April13fence,dogs,road2013 010a It’s funny how some of us come into the world more likely to avoid the pitfalls and others seem to step into every sinkhole.  Maybe there is some initial awareness or some character preference or first choice that sets us on an easier or harder path in the culture we land in.

I was working with a troubled young dog, much more troubled than he should have been, and thought if only he had matched up with different circumstances all this would be as nothing.

Doesn’t it seem like the people least able to handle the most difficulties have the most difficulties? The same with dogs … but then which part is causal? Or is something else at work here.

Here’s some of the things I’ve noticed apparently go together:

  • frightened people get large, guard-type dogs … creating one more thing to fear
  • needy people are attracted to needy dogs, increasing their load
  • those who fear loss and abandonment, hang on and don’t trust, so that when their dog is finally free it goes exploring instead of sticking close or coming back, abandonment verified
  • overweight people have overweight dogs
  • careless people have (if the pup survives) self-capable dogs
  • careful people have worried, anxious,  fearful dogs
  • trainers have trained dogs

The dogs in our lives mirror our weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes showing us a path to improvement,  an epiphany of choices.

They do this.

Our burden or bliss is to do the same for them.


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