Christmas photo game – Merry Christmas from the furry

Trying to get good Christmas photos of dogs is hilarious, especially if there’s dress up and other props. Some of the best stuff didn’t get recorded – it just happens too fast for my digital Canon A710IS PowerShot camera (especially since I was using a flash and my batteries were running down – dark snowy day outside).

But here are some of my dog’s efforts at Christmas cheer. They made me laugh a lot.

The speedy efforts at bringing Christmas stockings were too fast for me, so we had to get stationary for the most part. Maybe we’ll have to head out into the snow for better light and faster clicks!

The shots that didn’t make it included the shepherd doing a lovely sit pretty – where I cut off his head in the picture. The heeler balancing a Christmas toy on her head and flipping it to catch it – missed that one completely. She’s so fast at things. And the Jack Russell parading speedily around with the bells in his Santa costume, where because of his antics the hood covered his face. I kept getting blurry shots (I included a blurry one just because it’s too cute anyway).

Do you take photos of your furry family for Christmas? What was the best one?


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