The problem is BARKING! Mapping out a solution

I’m a very visual person and I like mindmaps instead of outlines so I worked on this one today. It’s a chart of figuring out the problem and then making a management and training plan. See it sounds less fun than it actually is. I tried to import the form into wordpress, but it was not an accepted one, so I took a photo of it – not as good, but you can get the idea.

Mindmap of a barking resolution thought process plan
Mindmap of a barking resolution thought process plan

I chose this problem because several new clients have called with it recently and the other reason is I’ve noticed students grabbing on to management plans as if those were training plans – they’re not. Management just prevents the rehearsals, if it’s an established behavior management is unlikely to actually fix it (but by all means manage it until you can train alternative behaviors).

You can start anywhere on the chart, which is the advantage over outlines. You don’t have to know the reason why, but it is important to be observant and use information to prevent behaviors you don’t want. Being prepared is very important. And all parts of the chart can be worked on at once in real life, or just a couple. Some things on the alternative behaviors list may never be chosen to train and other things may be added.

The part about what is reinforcing the behavior now is critical to evaluate so that those reinforcers can be eliminated or at least minimized. The what is the reaction/punishment now needs evaluation and usually it needs to disappear (this is owner/trainer self eval and work). Aversive punishment should never be the first line of action and often it is very hard for people to get over this habit.

One of the things made clear by this one page map are the layers of things that will fix the issue and the multiple fronts that need to be considered and changed.

Hope you like seeing into my mind.


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