Green waxy substance; poison by our road

Outside Winter 2007 041
Denver                              photo by J. Renzoni

On June 7th, Friday night’s last walk of the evening Denver got poisoned hiking, in the dark, down Wester Ave. with my husband, Dan.

She threw up when she came into the house, green chunks of rat poison, which was cause for an emergency visit to the vet’s, induced vomiting, activated charcoal and vitamin K capsules for a month to prevent warfarin caused internal bleeding.

She’s 12-years-old, would have just-as-soon not have ‘poisoned’ on her resume’, and is doing well. We acted fast and got the poison out. Where did it come from? We don’t use it. Our neighbors don’t use it. Why was it on the roadside? Too many eerie questions.

The next day (Saturday) I went neighbor to neighbor to warn them of the danger to their dogs. The family across the road from us told me that their dog had died on May 21st, apparently of poisoning. They hadn’t realized what was wrong until too late and her internal bleeding was too far advanced. They were devastated.

The newer rat poisons are much more toxic than they used to be because rats have become much more tolerant to them, but dogs and cats haven’t.

I don’t know if someone is being carelessly stupid or knowingly evil, either way the results are the same. I’ve scanned the roadsides and searched our large yard, but at this time of year everything is abundantly green.

We were lucky in that our dog threw up in the house so we could find chunks of bar bait, otherwise it’s likely that another dog death on our road would have been caused by poisoning.


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  1. pucdawg3 says:

    I’m sorry to hear what happened to Denver, It’s bad enough people discard their garbage on the side of the road, broken glass, rotten food ect. But to think someone would act so malicious, I hope it was discarded trash. Hopefully you can spend many more years with your girl.


    1. Thanks for the well wishes, I too hope it was just mistakenly discarded. Denver does appear to be none the worse for the experience, quick emergency service saves the day.


  2. How terrible! Thank God Denver has recovered.


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