Drive – creating desire to do things

Jazz catFeb82013 004What does she value? What will create the wish to work and play hard at the things I want to do with her? What will get her to watch me for clues about the next move instead of just finding her own cues in the big, old, wonderful world all around us.

It takes looking at the heart of the matter (have you noticed where it is? …think forehead).

Either I help make her energy become creative, or it will turn sour and become destructive. Either I make my energy be creative and become lost in creativity (tremendous possibility), or it will descend to lost in anger, frustration, apathy and aggression.

Each training/gaming segment is like a science project. Try this, see the results, evaluate, learn the new limits, adjust the next experiment. Continuing to repeat the same experiment creates consistency, but doesn’t expand knowledge much. Having failures gives evidence for the holes in the experiment on learning and also provides the new boundaries for the next trial. And then the synergy occurs, because both of us are learning things about each other that we didn’t know before.Jazz catFeb82013 002

Ok Jeanine, so that’s what you think, huh? I think you need to throw more things, Frisbees are good, but balls and bumpers are great too. You read too much and play too little. And what’s with all the pauses?

If you could just chase a few wild things with me, I’d really like that. But no. Maybe we could get some sheep…I’d like to move some sheep around…ducks? They’re smaller.

OK, I know, let’s do more agility, but throw away some of the pesky rules, like having to wait to start. And, really, the cat doesn’t need to do agility. He’s getting way too pushy. I liked it better when he hid by the chair.

Desires are like that. Two species, two minds coming together, but valuing different things. We adjust.


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