Onward – what’s new today?

Since yesterday included a conflict, today we’re doing very controlled group activities. Obe is on a short leash while in confined areas with the other dogs and Jazz is practicing her ‘go to a spot’ strategies when I’m taking him out or coming in the door. They both are looking relaxed, but giving each other space, which is what I’d like to see. The key thing is to have some time where everyone plays nice so there’s the practice of getting along.April10Obe2013 006

New for Obe, since we had another little snowfall I figured I could do a small amount of teaching him to pull an empty sled. He was slightly worried about the sled following him, I just kept rewarding him when he acted non-concerned – first when it wasn’t moving and then repeatedly in motion until he was hauling it around with no difficulty, maybe 5 minutes worth at most.

Increasing the ‘wait’ in the crate with the door open and me further away. The clicker helped to mark this behavior as he was liking the go in – come out – go in version.

Leg weaving, using hand target and sit pretty and twirl and paw.

Wobble board using tug as an intro to going over and stepping onto the board, then transferring to food reward and back to tug again. As long as the tug is good the concern over wobbly surfaces disappears very quickly.

Going into the shower with water on (just barely). Basically same routine as teaching going into a crate, first treats tossed, then the treats follow the action. Then add the water drips and repeat the cycle. Then make the water more like it would be if an actual bath/shower was happening. The food rewards were chicken…high value for Obe. He made the choice to voluntarily stick his head into the water several times.

Reinforcement zone – rewards for walking next to me on each side. Progressively increasing the number of steps in tandem in a row, using a variable pattern…example; 3 steps reward, 2 steps reward, 6 steps reward, 2 steps reward, 8 steps reward, break.

Started using the waist attached leash for having him be with me while I did other tasks like feeding the horses, washing dishes…whatever.

Obe joined the rest of the crew in group tricks…easy ones at this point – go to your place and lay down and wait for reward. He’s been practicing this alone a lot and now with the group his crate door is currently closed to make sure that he waits.

New stuff, fun stuff and building on what he knows. We’re moving along now…


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