Preparing for a presentation today

I'm worried about the presentation.
I’m worried about the presentation.

I just got back inside the house from brushing Max the shepherd again out in the workshop. We’re going to be doing a presentation in a couple of hours and January is secondary shed cycle time for Max. Shepherds have a lot of fur, no, I mean really a lot of fur, and he’s planning on renewing it. The kind of fur that can fill multiple garbage bags, cover friendly people and roll around in fur dust snakes on the floor. But I’m not going to worry about that, well, I packed wide masking tape.

I’ve set up a slide presentation (hope its compatible with their computer programs) and we have MP4 video clips (hope those work too). If not Max and I will attempt to be extremely entertaining and flexible. This is the after the lunch, after the hand and foot massages crowd; could be a drowsy problem.

The topic is balance. You may have noticed I have written about balance and mirroring lately. This was largely driven by my need to think about this presentation.

The other things I am touching on are the shear differences our species have and so our perceptions of the world around us must be very different. I smell you, instead of I see you has to change the way you “look” at things. But these differences can be key to awareness, of being more present at each moment because they give a glimpse of a different world. Having 220 million scent receptors, we have 40 Xs less, is an alien brain world for us. Dogs can smell/perceive upcoming seizures, cancer, century old bodies, underwater smells, old tracks/trails, the difference in direction something takes, the difference in human vs animal ash and on and on.

Especially as the gloss of  things gets worn down and we are jaded, opinionated and lack the surprise and amazement of youth, working at becoming a reader of dogs, an observer of nature in a K9 way opens new paths.

I’m not really sure what people want in this presentation, they may not know either. Mostly I’m asked about how to solve problems like pulling or jumping up or barking or not coming when called. And sure I can approach things that way, but it’s backwards and primes us towards trouble and blame.

Its like telling someone your child or grandchild is wild and disrespectful; then they get permission to think badly and act abruptly toward your Joanie or Davie even when said child is being just fine. Any little thing will clue them towards the wild and disrespectful aspects and weight their reactions towards less tolerance and more criticism.

I have videos of Jessie the Jack Russell Terrier Tricks 3, Riccochet Surf dog, Pudsy UK Got Talent all from You tube, I do hope that works. If you haven’t seen them, do. However, sometimes it seems like

Plush fur, coming out...
Plush fur, coming out…

people think service dogs or police dogs or agility dogs are a different species from the dog they have at home.

Wish us luck!


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