2012 in doggy photos

A year of dogs on Wester Ave: it was a fun year, but there are photo gaps, probably because when I’m doing stuff it’s hard to also take pictures unless someone else does it. Oh well. And there were a lot more puppies in the kindergarten classes…but I was teaching not photographing, grrr. But thanks to the ones we have, some good ones!

It was cool looking over the photos and thinking of the things that went along with them. The dog, Bernie, who is fetching started out really afraid of water. Brave boy, he got good at water retrieves. And the Great Dane became quite the good boy on leash, not pulling at all and as you can tell he is quite the joker. The Brittany, who was very busy sniffing decided that she could pay attention to the people in her world too. And Max, well he had a big year as an actor in a play. Jazzie, busy girl that she is, figured out some new games and tricks. Next year I am resolved to take more photos and get more action recorded.

Do you take lots of dog photos? What do you like to see in them? Do you have any photographic resolutions?


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