Snowshoe Mondeaux East Campground with Dogs

Snowshoeing with dogs
Snowshoeing with dogs

Randomfromdanscamera,2011&12 007It’s Christmas day afternoon and the sun is beginning to set over sparkly dry snow, the kind that doesn’t make snow balls. The temperature is about 18 or 20 degrees F, almost perfect for a light workout breaking trail on snowshoes and it is totally calm out. I have on my Mountaineer’s by Faber and I usually like them, but not today over these boots (just a little over halfway I take the snowshoes off and hike since the bindings are causing toe numbness and foot freeze despite readjusting).

The dogs are having a blast running back and forth. Denver (blue heeler) initially had foot freeze of her own, but after standing with one paw up for a while and having it brushed off, her higher foot temperature from exercise has alleviated the problem. There is no one else out there, no one has been on the trail except us looping around and some rabbits, squirrels and something else that had the dogs marking some grounded leaves. There are no other sounds, just footfalls, breathing and the scrunch of this kind of sparkly snow.

What starts out as low sun, but sunny hike, changes to a bluish twilight return. The dogs now just following or walking beside us, worn out from the K9 investigations and significant mileage that they traveled. This year is a flowage draw down so not much water in Mondeaux, not much reason to ice fish. The East campground is gated, but like several of the other summer camping areas has a chunk of the Ice Age Trail passing through it. This area doesn’t have a snowmobile trail, which makes it safer to hike, but there are plenty of snowmobile opportunities just a few miles away. Today we didn’t hear them so maybe everyone is back inside communing with relatives.

Merry Christmas! Did you do any refreshing exercise with your dogs today? Do you have any special fun winter dog activities?


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