Why train one way and not another?

No situation is without a lesson, no situation at all. And all of us are learning from every event – all of us.

So then the question becomes, what kind of teacher do I wish to be? An inspiration, a tyrant, a bully, a martyr, a leader, a follower, or mostly a tangle of ideas with no clear theme.  With less information and more pressure the tyrant, bully, follower and martyr versions of teaching may be popular. With a bit more information comes the confused methodology grabbing fast answers to difficult questions. With true study and wisdom there are reasons to chose methods of teaching depending on student and purpose.

Dogs have huge lessons to teach us. Last night on the news I saw a short story about a service dog and an autistic child. Key messages were how the dog could intervene and calm the child and how the dog could easily find the child if he strayed. After the story the news commentator said how amazing service dogs are in a wow voice to the agreement of the co-host. And yes certain dogs have more talent in certain areas, but service dogs are not really a different creature than the family pet people have in their homes. But the interactions those pups had and the talents they came with were not developed in the same way.

If people told you, you couldn’t draw, couldn’t sing, not much of a mathematician and weren’t much of a writer would you do those things? Oh, they did tell you that. What about not graceful, not athletic enough, not, not, not. What a shame. How did they become such good judges of initial talent? How did they know that you weren’t one of the people that grows into greatness?

There are certain teachers, coaches, families, etc. that produce far above the usual percentage of high achievers…but I want you to look for lifetime happiness, compassion and success, not just brief episodes or narrow bands of winning, because tyrant and bullying approaches can produce brief episodes of compliant behavior.

How would you want a teacher to be? Clear, patient, positive, supportive, knowledgeable, preventing bad habits, wanting you to succeed and be successful or confusing, speaking a foreign language, easily angered, not sure what they want or like and assume you did something wrong on purpose?

Dogs can teach us many things, they mirror us. Maybe because we are ultimately ourselves with them.


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