Superdog, photos of Max – Belgian Shepherd

Something in the grass, it calls for ‘Mighty Max!’

Maximus is super dog. From unknown origins, from cage number 40 after four months of incarceration I met Max. He was one of the only dogs not barking in the shelter facility and he was quite focused on me, a bit like he knew me, but more serious than silly. I took that to mean he was logical, he was. After years of only having carefully selected, pedigreed pups, I chose an adult from who-knows-where. And it took me three visits to commit, but he kept being the one. Not to say that he was perfectly behaved when I got him (there’s a reason he was stuck there for four months), but it just wasn’t that hard, he was a quick learner, nicely food focused and wanted to please me.

Willing to save random kayakers (my husband and Denver) Max guides them to the docking station.

Max was supposedly a stray. As my husband says, “he’s always running away, maybe 12 feet from your side.” I truly don’t know how his original people got away from him. I’m thinking it was in a pickup truck, because when I first got him he kept looking at and thinking about following certain kinds of pickups. Well anyway, they missed out on a good deal, ‘cuz he can do just about anything from serious protection, playing Sandy in the “Annie” play this summer to licking out the bottom of peanut butter jars.

Max on the shore of Sackett’s Lake contemplating retrieving a kayak.

Checking back, his person does walk slowly sometimes especially when she’s taking pictures.